Kai Goes To Dubai

By Kai Soliman - 8:42:00 AM

Surprise surprise! Guess who's kinda fresh from Dubai! Yes, I arrived at around midnight last Friday. Now,I'm currently feeling the fatigue from travelling. But whatever, I had a great time!

First off, I didn't expect and planned that I'll leave this summer. I was expecting that it'll happen next year so the recent weeks before the trip I was chill and being idle at home. Then my auntie suddenly sent the tickets and my visa came a day before my flight so I wasn't really sure of everything. Only when my visa arrived was when I got to pack and get ready to go. Phew! There was so much waiting involved and I was anxious of everything because it was my first time to fly alone...Imagine my tension while thinking about my journey, the immigration, and more. Thankfully, my family sent me messages and guidelines to help me through all of this even though I'm alone. Gosh,I love them.
I departed at around 6:30pm (PH time). It was an 8-hour flight to Dubai and I flew with Emirates Airlines. The crew was very accommodating and I loved the food that they served which was very delicious. I kinda had a hard time sleeping on the way there though but the rest of my flight was smooth. I arrived in Dubai at around 11pm Dubai time (2am local time). I stayed at my Aunt Tin's place for two days and then moved to my Aunt Maf's place for the rest of my stay there.

I stayed for over a week in Dubai and while writing this post I tried to remember my time there and what did I do there day by day during my stay. I honestly can't remember it properly because it's all jumbled up but I remember the highlights of my trip and with the help of the photos that I took, I'll be able to write this properly so no worries!

6am view from my Auntie Tin's place in Downtown Dubai

Grainy :( But here's a night view!

Strolling around. (Down town Dubai & Dubai  Mall)

Yes, you can imagine how much I went gaga when I saw Sephora face to face and of course, I had to go in and buy something..which almost made me broke

London fish and chips for lunch...in Dubai mall lol It's really good though and too much for one person.

A huge aquarium inside a mall! Now that's something

Just outside of Dubai Mall, while I was waiting for the dancing fountain presentation

I'm in love with Dubai's night sceneries and lights


Tourist shots. Forgive me

Burj Khalifa at Day & Night

Early morning chill at Jumeirah Beach

9am city tour around Dubai

First stop: Heritage Village, where we got to learn about the Old Dubai and where everything started.

Anotha one!

Atlantis! Too majestic and too bad it was only a drive-by 

Condos at The Palm where the rich kids of Dubai live...of course the Bollywood stars.

Burj Al Arab view from Jumeirah and hello tourists

I love looking out the window while driving around Dubai because of the pretty city views.

Ladies Night with my aunties at Jumeirah Beach Lounge and with Burj Al Arab as our view..
p e r f e c t i o n

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain*


 Burj Al Arab and all it's beauty at night

Dynamites and cocktails @ P.F Chang's

YAAAAAS Finally! Real life camels!!! They groan a lot like zombies and have morning glory in their eyes.

Hesitating but I gotta tick this off my bucket list

Is that a smirk or a smirk of fear?

Now that's better

Getting ready to ride this and yes it was difficult to sit up straight while sunshine the camel was standing up..it'll hurt your back.

 Gotta snap this! (but ends up getting all my snaps deleted :) :) )

That's a Falcon my friends

The Falcon's talons hurt and I'm trying to endure it here

Dear sir, why do you have to put it on my head?

Of course I have to get a tattoo

Yup, just me and my camels

Curry, hummus, pita bread, and other delicacies that I devoured. Delicious!

Entertainment was provided.

Here goes my top 1 favourite part of my stay - at the top of Burj Khalifa!!


Look at that beauty!!

Wouldn't mind a view like this everyday


Ibn Battuta Gate & Mall

DXB is too gorgeous. Looking at my surroundings while waiting for my flight got me occupied.

In-flight meal! (My favourite part of the journey)

I.C.E keeping me awake with all the movies :-(

To be honest with you,  I took more pictures of my surroundings rather than selfies which is alright with me because I appreciated Dubai's beauty so much that I can't stop taking photos. There's actually more in my folder so what you see here in my post is just a summary of everything I did there. I may have taken a few selfies or rather snapchat selfies here and there but I focused more on absorbing everything and thoroughly enjoyed my trip. I'm really blessed to get to experience this plus I get to bond with my dear aunties in Dubai which we didn't do for a long time since most of them are living in different countries.I feel like I'm dreaming though ever since I got back and yes, I miss Dubai. 

A millions thanks to my Grandma and Aunties who made this all possible, I had the best summer and my heart is happy because of the wonderful memories in Dubai.

You were amazing Dubai! Til next time :-)
Summer is officially over :(

Here's my full vlog experience in Dubai. Enjoy!

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