Summer Haul 2017!

By Kai Soliman - 3:40:00 AM

Summer is officially over for me, no more late night binge watching of my favorite shows, hours of reading, summer time snacks, a hint of sun from time to time and no worries of Monday has now come to an end. I'm going back to college next week and I thought that I should share my mini summer haul/things that I bought during the summer period. I've been eyeing some of these products for a long time and some are now my personal favorites. There might be some short reviews below since some of the products were purchased a few months ago or last month.

Let's get started shall we?

Oh yes, you read that right. I can't believe it at first either. I stumbled upon the booth of Mario Badescu at Rustan's in Alabang Town Center just a few days ago. I'm so happy since I can go there and buy it in person! No more online stores! I bought this facial spray since I don't have a setting spray and because I want a quick hydrating spray for my face. I already used this for a few times now and I'm loving it! It smells like what it says on the front and it hydrates your face in an instant. What really got me was the price of the products, it's not overly expensive and your money won't go to waste since the quantity or amount of cream or liquid inside the products are worth it (look at that full bottle!!!). Since I'll only use it for a few times, this will last me for a long period of time. I also plan on buying the drying lotion in the future since it's a cult favorite for pimples and blemishes. You can check the link above for more info on Mario Badescu and their products.

Yo home girl finally has an illuminating palette to highlight my face for months to come! I got this for half of the price at the Bloggers United XIII event last month. Score!! Only 150 php hehe

My favorite face powder for a year now. I love how natural it looks on my face and its fine finish. It doesn't cake since it's like a fine powder that's suitable for any skin type. This does the trick for my oily T zone and good to go for a few hours before I do another pat on my face. This lasts for a long time so I really recommend this powder. Mind you, this is good for quick retouch or if you want a neat/fine finish on your face but it doesn't cover the blemishes so you'll need your beloved concealer for that.

I'm a sucker for face masks whatever the brand is but for the past few months the Deoproce Color Synergy Face Mask has been my favorite. I like that it comes in different colors and types. I always use this for a quick fix for my skin, to give it a glow, detoxify it, and moisture. Putting on a face mask every other day or week has become a habit now and a part of my skin care routine. These masks have different uses depending on its color or type so I suggest you guys read it first and decide which one you need for your skin, plus it's very affordable.

This aloe vera soothing gel sure is a must have for everyone. I now use it as a moisturizer every day and night for my face and it really does wonders to your skin! The price is awesome too hehe Gotta love great products with affordable prices. 

For those sistas out there who has an oily or combination skin, you guys should try the Infallible Pro-Matte foundation, it has a moderate coverage and it's not drying. I bought this 2 months ago and I just use a small amount on my skin then I'm ready to go. Unlike my past foundation products this has been more suitable for my skin and my skin doesn't appear that oily anymore. Next is the lipstick that I also bought from L'oreal, love the nude peachy shade of this! I always use this whenever I go out and wanting to do a low-key no make-up make-up look. I suggest buying these products during their sale since they do great sales and you can buy it for a more cheap price and because the original price is kind of expensive.

The Fit Me series just landed in PH a few weeks ago, everyone was waiting patiently for it and others just bought online. I'm really happy that they are now here in the country and of course I had to get a concealer because I always read reviews and watched products reviews about it. Only thing that I could say is, IT WAS EVERYTHING THAT I WAS LOOKING FOR A CONCEALER!! I loved how easy it was to blend and it totally covered my blemishes. I use the LA Girl Buffing Brush to blend it and my goodness, it's so easy to use and the softness of the brush makes it even better. Who wants a prickly brush right? It's like the brush and the concealer were a match made in heaven (still gushing about it whenever I use it). Last and not the least is The Powder Mattes lipstick from Maybelline, I bought this because there was another sale (again) and like every other Maybelline lipstick that I own, it is really affordable and I love the shade on my lips whenever I use it. Oh and the Maybelline Fit Me concealer is cheap too! #ILoveDrugstoreMakeup

Another holy grail product that everyone should have in their vanity. This baby right here is such a catch that it always goes out of stock in stores because it really does the job so well that you'll just stay out of it for a minute and appreciate its awesomeness. Just a few drops of this on a cotton pad and with just 2-6 wipes? (depending how much you have on) and your face is fresh and hydrated after. It is better than the other ones out there and it's for a cheap price too! 1 big bottle will last you for a long time so you better get one girl!

In love with this fragrance because it smells like vanilla that makes you happy just by smelling (well for me that is). Trying not to use too much because the smell is addicting!

I bought a graded eyeglasses for myself because this girl isn't gifted with a 20/20 vision, plus I use the computer too much. Luckily, Sunnies Specs does sell graded glasses and you get an eye exam too all in 1 package costing 1999, that's a pretty darn good deal. When I went to get my eyes checked and get myself a pair of glasses I had to wait for a few hours because there were TONS of people wanting to buy too. Also got a pair of sun glasses in Shawn with rose gold lenses.

And that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini summer haul. Good luck to those who are back in school and have a great vacay to those who are just starting their summer vacation. Til the next post! x

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