Art Fair PH 2017 + Vlog

By Kai Soliman - 6:51:00 AM

If you follow me on my social media accounts, you should've seen my art fair photos posted on those accounts. Yes, we came back for our second year of art fair! Lou and I really wanted this to become a tradition for us since the past few months we weren't able to go out that much or even vlog recently since we were caught up with college stuff.
But here we are... we went on the last day and I said that we should come in early to avoid the long line and I'm glad we did because after we walked out of the building we saw a loooooong line that was waiting to come in. Oh my early bird attitude is really a big help sometimes. 😆

Anyway, this year's Art Fair was certainly bigger than the previous year. Everyone was talking about it on every social media platform and also a lot of articles popped out from here and there. Of course there were more exhibits this year and I have to tell you - I was blown away by every exhibit there. I  l o v e  everything! As I've said from last year, I don't have much knowledge about art but I do appreciate them and their beauty. Well enough of the chit chat and let me just show you in the photos below.

The usual duo 💗

I thought that this was a human brain at first.

Oh and besides the usual duo we had our friend mikko come with us! (That's why we have a lot of photos of us now lol)

Yup loved those vid type exhibits

Well this was creepy


The famous bottles, I saw a lot of photos of these bottles on IG.


Take a photo x 3

I'm actually proud of this shot. Hi lou

O hello there


Titas of MKT

Can we please appreciate my highlight here?


Hello again



Let's end it with my solo ha ha

And there you have it! I know that it's a lot but I took too much photos during the fair and I love that it turned out so well. Oh I really look forward to the next art fair with my friend Lou. It's sad that it ended so soon but the year long wait is always worth it.
I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos! Til the next post 💖

Watch the full vlog here:

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