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By Kai Soliman - 5:55:00 AM

If you've been following me on my social media accounts, you already knew that I was part of a photo exhibit at my school last month. It was not expected because I'm not as knowledgeable as my father in photography but I was picked by my photography professor (who's so talented! ma goodness). I thought of backing out at first because I felt that I wasn't going to deliver such photos for the exhibit but I'm glad I didn't hehe

So my friend Louise and I planned out a simple city photo walk,. Fortunately, my co-exhibitors and I agreed to the B&W street photography concept. Which is much easier than the original B&W studio portrait idea since we're still all amateurs and this is a first for us.

Here you go!

Bus trip



Lou and I were joking about my getup for that day because I looked like a tourist with my big backpack and a small sling bag.


The typical building shots

Wow "tourist"

After like half an hour of taking photos and aimless walking, we decided to refresh ourselves and grub at Sunnies Cafe, I was looking forward to this place since I keep on seeing articles about it on social media and also because of Georgina W. and Martine C. (i love them)


BEAU-TI-FOE! I want to take that neon sign home with me or I can just make this place as my home.

Chicken & pancake (260 php) + passion fruit iced tea (100php) for moi! Believe me, the whole thing was big and too much for me that I didn't get to finish it but it was so so so good. It was like comfort food for me :-)

Close up shots because taking photos there was a must and every shot looked awesome!

BTS (hi that's me)

More walking and more sweat and more humidity

Should've brought my tripod with me because taking still night shots was a hassle and with the big ass camera that I was using was a workout for my arms.

Of course I should have my own photos taken hehe

I don't know what I'm doing either.

Lou and I @ Sunnies Cafe (from art exhibits and now we have our own exhibit!)

Yes, I took a lot of photos and decided to post it here to not let it go to waste. Apologies for the late post though. My laptop died on me and I had nothing for almost two months, All I had was my phone ;-( But anyway I have a laptop again YAY.

P.S I missed this! Can't wait to write blog posts again <3

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