A busy month

By Kai Soliman - 8:28:00 AM

Hello sistas, how's school, work, or life lately? I hope everything's going great for you, if not, you'll push through. :-)

It was a busy month for me though. June felt like one whole sem packed in one month. It was like a never-ending things to do and it still is right now actually. I haven't vlogged or blogged anything lately because of school and acting classes. It's really sad because I've been itching to experience something new or go out and do something. I'm all home - school - workshop right now. My friends and I haven't been bonding lately because even though we want to, we're all exhausted by the end of the day so we all choose to go home immediately instead. Okay now it seems like I'm complaining too much but no it's the truth and I just realized that this has been my routine lately. (oh boohoo) 

Okay enough of that...So what happened in June?
  • All about production..since I'm in third year already. I blame all the majors for this.
  • Photoshoot every friday for the past 3 weeks just for Photography class..kinda getting the hang of it. 
  • Acting workshop is getting more challenging. h e l p
  • Bibimbap is life recently
  • Falling asleep before 10 or 11 pm. That's how draining my days are now
  • Into relaxing music or deep house shizz
  • Face mask is da bomb
  • Snapchat and Instagram are getting boring..what now
  • New movies every week just for acting classes are goody good for me.
  • I'm missing Dubai a lot

July is here and it's been raining a lot which is more difficult to go to school (I need to learn how to drive and have a car lol). Actually, classes were suspended today and that was a woop woop for everyone but it was really a downpour today because of the storm. Yet it's nice to stay at home and enjoy this weather..more zzz's.

Stay safe and dry sistas! Till the next post x

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