Plans for Summer

By Kai Soliman - 1:11:00 AM

Hello fellow sistas! It's been awhile and I've been posting a lot about events that I went to recently so I decided to make a semi-personal post. Forgive me for posting late and in the middle of April. Yes, it's been a few weeks since my summer vacation started and yes, that meant binge watching/reading, eating a lot, regretting eating a lot then decided to actually workout every other day and many more. Which is my usual routine whenever I'm on vacation. Sounds boring but I love it.

Anyhoo, what do I really want or plan to do this Summer? be honest with you, I actually didn't plan out my summer like a getaway or whatever but fortunately I just started attending my first ever acting workshop. I didn't expect that it'll be this summer though (because I planned taking it after college) but everyone seems to be rooting for it so why not. It's a great way to open doors for me and improve my abilities (including being conscious on-cam sometimes). This workshop will take 4 months, yep you heard that right but it's only on Saturdays which is no biggie. Anyways, good luck to me!

I TRY to workout every other day or so because this sista feels like shit sometimes so  I need some burn to not feel like poop. I focus on simple abs/core, arms, and butt workouts. So far so good, I don't look bloated anymore because my face got really big last month and my arms too lol I ate a lot when I was in school last month so yeah (let me sob there for a moment..). I'll continue to keep up with this and change my routine from time to time.

Yes, even though I workout I'm still a lazy bum at home, I love spending my day in bed with my laptop or a book in hand. I also sleep a lot in the afternoon these days which is weird for me. I hope I get taller! (or not)

I'm also thinking about doing some online courses, like a foreign language course to be specific. Because you have to admit, learning a foreign language or two can be really cool and useful when it's needed.

I guess that's it for my plans or sudden planning because of writing this post for summer. Who knows, maybe I'll do something new again all of a sudden. Since everyone's on the way to beach or in a bliss at Coachella (annual jelly belly mood because of the snaps) . I hope I can get some beach action too though but I guess this summer will be more on focusing on myself so that's that. I'll just go with the flow this vacation and leave it up to serendipity.

How about you? What are your plans this summer?

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