Paella Gigante 2016 @ Greenbelt

By Kai Soliman - 2:23:00 AM

For me, Spanish food always hits the spot. Its savoury goodness and all the vibrant colours combined just makes you want to gobble it all up.  Luckily, I got to witness from behind the scenes all the excitement that happened at the Festival de la Paella Gigante last March 12, 2016 at Greenbelt 3 Park in Makati. The festival was surely alive because of the giant fire and charcoal pit and a paella pan that was too big to be a normal pan. The country's greatest chefs were the ones responsible of cooking the paella with Les Toques Blanches (LTB) Philippines Chefs Association supporting the event. From lighting the pit, putting in the ingredients, mixing it, and up until it was served to us personally by them. Which obviously is a lot of work and the outcome was superb! Well, apart from the Paella being the centre of attraction, there was also live music and dancing that happened and I loved it. I got to taste some really good churros from Casa Armas and a lot more finger food that I can't remember anymore but I know that they were also damn good.

My Dad was also a photographer for the event so it was pretty cool to be able to vlog while he was working at the said event.  All the photos that you'll see here in my post were all taken by Dad. You can see his other photos at this site Paul Kenneth Soliman

Light it up!

 The amazing chefs who were responsible for the delicious paella!

Besides the paella, there were booths that provide finger food and drinks for the public

With Chef Ram Villaluna, my Mom and brother

With Chef Fernando Aracama!

Yup, that's Chef Bruce Lim :)

Bianca Valerio as the host for Paella Gigante

Nyko Maca (fell in love with their music <3 )

Look at those vibrant colours!


Despite the heat and the ashy wind.. it was worth it! I got to taste the paella and enjoy myself during the event. Til next time Paella Gigante! 

Here is the full vlog experience:

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