By Kai Soliman - 6:39:00 AM

It's been a month since my last post..Apologies for being MIA last month but ever since classes started, my time has been taken away by college life. The schedule this sem really sucks and it's draining all my energy. Why does January feels like 3 months all crammed in one month? but anyway, it's been a week since midterms and I'm glad that's over. Thankfully, February is finally here and I can't wait to check my to-do list for this month plus more content for the blog! YAY
To make up for the lost time, I already planned some things to do with my friend, Louise. A month without posting anything made me more eager to come up with ideas and with that I got a few things up on my sleeve that I can't wait to put it all together..Gotta go back to vlogging too ya know. So I really am excited to get back to the swing of things here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. Starting by next week, I'm positively certain that I'll have tons of stuff to post.

Anyhoo, how are you guys doing? 
ps. Please comment your suggestions on what should I post here on my blog! It'll be much appreciated <3

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