Art Fair PH 2016 + Vlog

By Kai Soliman - 6:15:00 AM

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"Founded in 2013, Art Fair Philippines is the premier platform for exhibiting and selling the best in modern and contemporary Philippine visual art. The fair aims to mirror the vibrant local art scene and continue to generate support for Filipino art practitioners. Set in an alternative urban venue, Art Fair Philippines makes art accessible to enthusiasts and to those who want to discover one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting art landscapes.
Philippine Art Events, Inc. oversees the management of Art Fair Philippines."
Art Fair has been the talk of the town this past weekend, you may notice a lot of your friends or famous people posting pictures on their IG or snaps indicating that they went to the said fair. I admit that I know nothing about art but I do appreciate the beauty of it. Still, I went and oh how glad I was that I did and realized that I should make this a yearly habit. I saw a post about the Art Fair a month ago on Facebook, I instantly clicked on it, read it, and told my friend, Lou about it. If you've been reading my past posts or watching vlogs, you should know that she's my usual companion on any kind of event that I know about. 
Upon coming to the fair, I was not sure of what should I expect since it was my first time but once we arrived at the reception and got our wristbands - we got the buzz and the amount of people that were there.

This year's fair is composed of 40 galleries (yes, 40) from 1335 Mabini to YOD X KOGURE, Japan and 9 special exhibits (Alfredo + Isabel Aquilizan, Mark Justiniani, Martha Atienza, Nona Garcia, At Maculangan, Raffy Napay,Pamela Yan Santos, Mac Valdezco, Mark Salvatus). Every gallery was truly amazing and different in their own ways. It was such a sight to see as I moved on from one gallery to another. If I only had more cha-ching, I could've bought some art pieces and put them on display inside my room because everything looked really extraordinary.


Those flowers had a strong citrus scent that just takes over your sense of smell.


Loved this one, we got to make our own art using paper, pencil, and coins. We got to post them on the wall also!

This art piece caught the eyes of Louise, she immediately pointed this out and of course, we took photos of it. 

Simple yet so chic!

What I really loved was that everyone got to interact with the exhibitors and of course the exhibit itself. Why? Here are some photos to shed some light on that.

Is it grass? Yes & No, it's grass made of cloth.

Is that a devil's chocolate cake?

We couldn't go without having our photo taken together with this background even though it's just a silhouette. (Fair Isle by Martha Atienza)

Waaaaaay freaky. (Mark Justiniani)

Too much bts of my back and trying to capture everything for the blog and vlog. LOL

Amazing, right? Everything that we saw with our own eyes and experienced will be unforgettable for us. Time passed by so fast and we're already missing it by the time we went out of the building. As I said earlier, I'm not that knowledgeable in terms of art but I certainly don't need to pretend that I am when I went there because the fair itself serves as an education for everyone. I'm also glad that it's open to the public and the fee is affordable to anyone who wants to visit and see the galleries. I'm looking forward to next one and I'm sending my sincere congratulations to the success of Art Fair PH 2016! Till next time.

Here's the full vlog experience of the fair.

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