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It's actually the second day of 2016 and originally, this post was to be posted yesterday. But your lazy sista was lazy so here I am in Starbucks currently typing this because I wanted to write this in a different setting than the usual. Probably by the time that you read this it's already late in the evening. Sorry!!!
First of all, I'm still absorbing the fact that it's really 2016, I'm sure that all of us feel the same way and thinking that this year went by too fast. Also let's not forget that Christmas break ends tomorrow...what a big bummer. I'm gonna miss my late night binge watching of vlogs, korean variety shows, blog reading, and of course, sleeping for almost 10 hours straight. I'm cherishing every hour of the day and be the potato that I am before school starts once again.

2015 was the best year yet, despite the difficulties that I have encountered, the experiences overpowered all of that. Starting from the different people that I've met the past year, it was a wave of different personalities and I got to learn from them and understand things that I thought I already know about but in reality, I don't have much knowledge when the topic or situation is in front of me. Those lessons helped me mature inch by inch and analyze things around me that I didn't get to do before. It's refreshing to see your surroundings in a new perspective because of the people you meet. You get to appreciate the most tiny bits and pieces that you don't give attention to before. It's like what they say "Like a puzzle, you don't get the "whole picture" until you have all the pieces.
I'm also grateful that I realized who my "true" friends are and I'm hoping for the best for them to stay until we're wrinkly and settled. Those friends of mine are my dose of happy pills every day that I'm in school, we laugh at the most shallow things, bond over our favourite things; food, music, and shopping. Such simple things to bond over but the result is, it was one of the best moments of the year. But wait, you might think that I'm always with my friends, that's partially true though (lol). Even though that's true, I still look forward to coming home and be with my family. Believe it or not, my family are like my friends too. They're the craziest people that I know and I got my craziness from them for sure. I love being with them, they give me so much love and support in everything that I do and a billion thanks is not enough for that. Little by little, I want to give back or repay them. I want to give them the best of everything for they are my everything.

As far as the things that I've done for this year. I can say that I'm pretty satisfied and productive because I was able to grab the opportunities thrown to me and did not hesitate to do so. Like finally getting back to blogging again, vlogging, and saving up money in order to try out different restaurants just so to share the experience or information with my fellow sistas. I won't go into detail everything that I did last year. Since It's a brand new year, I have to push and challenge myself to do more and be more. I'm not a fan of the New Year's resolutions thing because I do that kind of stuff every month. Yes, I'm lazy most of the time but I still want to get things done in a jitney. Go and do everything in a month, you'll be surprised on the outcome in that short period of time. It'll amount to like 6 months of your to-do-list. Don't be afraid to be out there and I swear, hesitating will just slow you down. I know so.

I'm 50% anxious of what is in store for me this year and 50% stoked. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be bomb.

Here goes everything, Good luck to me and to you sistas. Happy New Year!

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