Maybelline "Pop 7" Lip Polish by ColorSensational Review

By Kai Soliman - 6:43:00 AM

Liquid lipstick?
I'm really not the"liquid" lipstick or even lip gloss type of girl. The sticky texture and the way it wears off easily disappointed me big time. Since then I've been using the normal kind of lipstick and I was fine with that. I bid goodbye to them and will never use them ever in my "make-up" life..but I was wrong.
Here enters the new Lip Polish by ColorSensational from Maybelline. I decided to buy and try the said product. I've read many good reviews about it and even my girl crush Georgina Wilson was using it. It looked really good on her and off I went to the nearest beauty store. Yup, she influenced me.  So I bought the "Pop 7" shade, the saleswoman said it was their top-seller and was almost out of stock. 

Was it a great buy or not? Let's see how it fared.

Price; 450 php (but got it for only 250 because it was on sale)

  • The packaging is quite nice, you can easily see shade of the lip polish and can compare it with the others while you're deciding on what to choose,
  • Not sticky at all! (two thumbs up for that)
  • The formula left my lips moisturised and not dry at all.
  • It can last up to 4 hours and in the after hours there's still a stain left on your lips making it look like you're just wearing a balm.
  • In love with this color because it's a mix of nude and a little pop of berry.
  • You can change on how the shade looks on your lips by putting on another layer or so. 
  • Makes your lips look plump.
  • Easy to apply
  • The "shimmer" particles, you can lessen it by applying lip liner on top of it.
  • I wish it had a specific or unique name.

(Here's what it looks like after four hours of usage)

Would you purchase this shade again and recommend it to others?
Yes, I've been using it for awhile now and has been part of my everyday make-up routine. I'll probably try the other shades too.
Gals and ladies should try this too since it's a new kind of lipstick and not like the other types that you used before. The other shades look really good also!

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