Hydrating Blush (Rose) with Argan Oil from Forever 21 First Impression Review

By Kai Soliman - 5:13:00 AM

This is a first impression review on the Hydrating Blush (Rose) with Argan Oil from the collection of Love & Beauty by Forever 21.

I bought this blush a few days ago while I was in Forever21 at SM Makati. I saw that their make-up corner was a mess and almost all the products were gone (because of the holiday sale for sure lol). Intrigued by the scene that I saw, I decided to take a closer look and spent a good 30 minutes looking at lipsticks, brushes and blushes. What caught my eye were the words "Hydrating" and "with Argan Oil" which got me thinking... "Woah? Forever21 has stuff like this?". There were so many to choose from but I settled with the simple pinkish rose blush (and unfortunately the only color left). Today was my first time using it so I was determined to make a first impression review for you sistas.

Product Description: Create a rosy glow with this hydrating blush. It's complete with argan oil for a moisturizing finish. Simply swipe it on your cheeks for a lovely pop of color.
  • Not tested on animals
  • 0.19 oz
  • Made in Taiwan

The box is cutesy with it's rose gold font and a flower pattern printed on it. As for the packaging for the blush itself, it's made of plastic and the cover is transparent which is convenient for the consumers to see the shade of the product.

(280 php)
Not a bad price for a blush product

Easy application with a brush. 

The first application seemed to light so I had to build it up until I was contented with the color. It had a powder-finish but it stayed for two hours before I had to reapply it again. 

(natural light)

(with flash + highlighter)

Overall verdict
This blush is not that pigmented which is okay because you can build up the shade until you reach the shade that you want to. Also take time to spread it out because the coverage is minimal. It doesn't have a matte finish but kind of a subtle powder finish.
 When I wore this it looked like my cheeks had a pink flush on them not a rosy glow which I was expecting that it should be according to the product description. I also noticed that the blush looked better after 30 minutes or so rather than the first application.

Would you purchase this again shade again and recommend it to others?
I won't purchase this shade again but I'll try the peach one which is more suitable for my skin color. I recommend it to the sistas out there who want a simple go to natural look since it looks like you have a flush on your cheeks which makes it look more natural.

Rating: 3.5/5

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