Festival of Lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens

By Kai Soliman - 5:55:00 AM

Christmas is just a few days away and what would be a good way to get into the spirit of Christmas or just enjoy and spend that special day with your loved ones? 

Ayala Triangle Gardens (located in Makati, Philippines) celebrate Christmas every year with their "Festival of Lights". A showcase of lights and sound that will instantly make you feel all warm and giddy on the inside once you experience it. It started in late November and will go on until January 4, 2015. The shows starts every 30 minutes from 6pm to 10pm. 

The "Festival of Lights" has always created a hype which caused many people to go to Ayala Triangle and see it for themselves. Check your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram - a lot of your friends has photos of those lights or a selfie of themselves during the show right? Who wouldn't get curious with those kind of pics! 😮 I was one of those people for sure and as you all know from my previous blog post and vlog from last month, I went there for the first time with my friend (Louise) and now that it's December we decided to come back because it was finally the holidays. 

I recommend watching the show from afar or be in the centre of it all.

Aren't they pretty? 💓 *heart eyes*

A quick dessert fix at Caramia!

This Blueberry Cheesecake gelato is definitely the bomb.

I love that Ayala Triangle Gardens has a variety of restaurants that you can choose from. It goes from italian, chinese to japanese which is really great because you have a fair range of options. So you can eat before or after watching the show.

So sistas and brothas, better go visit and see the show! It's the perfect place to be at this time of the month. 🎄 I feel like coming back for the third time again soon..I hope. lol

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