Red, Black, & White

By Kai Soliman - 8:26:00 AM

Who wouldn't want to look chic yet still feeling comfortable right? Well I'm raising my hand for that kind of look! From time to time, I try to stray away from my lazy yet easy go-to outfits whenever I want to look fashionable when I go out or if there's a vtr that I need to go to. So I raided my closet and managed to put on together some simple pieces to show you the chic ensemble that I'm going for.

You can wear this look to the office or just a casual day out  by tweaking it up the way you wear your coat like what I did on the photos above by putting on the coat over my shoulders (like some guy offered it to keep me warm) made the look modern and sophisticated.  Go and put a floppy hat on to be the "señorita" or it can also be up to the footwear; wear heels if you want to look ala "The Devil Wears Prada" or grab a pair white/silver sneakers for comfort plus it'll look cutesy.

The combination of red, white, and black is known as a solid color scheme and the colors compliment each other. Look it up on pinterest, fashion magazines and etc. There are many outfits that you can put together with the three colors. Such is the reason why I opted for this because we all know that you'll never go wrong with this powerful trio. Don't go overboard with accessories, a pair of gold earring and a watch/bracelet are enough. If you want to layer it up be careful not to look like a burrito. Keep it simple and your outfit will be on point. ❤️

What I'm Wearing:
Camisole tank top: Forever21
Pencil Skirt: Ensembles
Coat: Forever21
Hat: Cinderella
Heels: Celine

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