TLC Festival 2015 & Ayala Lights Show

By Kai Soliman - 10:31:00 AM

Before anything, I must say that I never thought that vlogging could be really fun and addictive. Vlogs has been a trend for some time now and I won't hide the fact that I wanted to try it ever since I started watching YouTube vlogs (quite a few years now). So after a long time of wanting to do it but never really doing it... I finally did. And what a better way to start it by attending the TLC Festival at BGC, High Street.  

I knew about this event while I was on my sembreak and being a lazy bum watching TLC on the TV. I saw Erwan Heussaff's handsome face while announcing the event and I decided that I wanted to go no matter what. Fast forward to early November, I asked my very good friend Louise to come with me and good thing she did because I had a real good time with her (always though). 

The event was on a Saturday and as much as we wanted to be there early, we had Saturday classes which was a bummer. We were restless the whole we were in class and itching to get out of there.

We arrived at the event around 3:30 pm, went to the registration booth, got our "passports" then started our journey. We zig-zagged our way through the booths to get stamps and unexpectedly got interviewed at the Hyundai booth, so friends better watch out for our faces. 
Upon arriving at the main stage, we heard a commotion because of my dear babe Erwan, as you can see in the photos above, tons of people we're trying to get a picture of him. He went towards our spot though but we didn't even get to take a selfie with him even though we were only less than a meter away from him. I'll get you next time baby boy!

After the buzz died down, we went through the food stalls to buy something to eat. We ended up grabbing a roll or two from Wasabi Warriors and regained our strength at Bo's . Strolling around until sunset and breathing in the early night breeze was such a good feeling. The abstract wall arts around BGC is always a beautiful sight to see.

Our little fun didn't end there, after like a few seconds of decision making, we headed straight to Ayala Triangle Gardens to watch the Ayala Lights Show which happens every year to celebrate Christmas time. The show starts at 6pm until 10pm with an interval of 30 minutes after each show.
It was my first time seeing it with my own eyes. I had tiny goosebumps while watching the amazing flow of lights. I felt like a kid again, hoping for something better whenever it's Christmas. We really made a good decision by coming there.

My post ends here. I'm thinking about going back again next month. Since December is my birth month and I miss BGC and Ayala already. I don't know why but I like the vibes there. I'll probably just waste my time in a classy cafe or pub and watch the lights again. Why not, right?

By the way.I'm still working on the vlog, I'll post the video here after a day or two.

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